Do you sell household or kitchen products? We do the fulfilment for you

hogar y cocina
hogar y cocina

Store your products in our warehouse


Personalise your boxes by inserting personalised "thank you" leaflets or discounts.

Warehouse for
large products

We store your products of all sizes to sell in your household shop.


Control your
own stock

You will be able to control the stock in your virtual warehouse to see how many units you have of each product.

contra reembolso

on delivery

You will have at your disposal the possibility to offer cash on delivery to your customers.

How does logistics work for household or kitchen products?


We receive your product

When you buy products, we take care of receiving them in our warehouse.


We store
your stock

We store your products in our warehouse.


We prepare
the order

We carry out the picking and packing process when you receive an order.


We send the order
to the customer

Every day we send the orders to the final customers.


We take care
of returns

If a product is returned, we take care of the necessary steps.

Discover the products we offer

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It doesn’t matter if you do dropshipping or sell your own stock, because you have our store at your disposal so that you can get products easily.

Come in and discover the products we offer in our store. And if we don’t have it, you can request the import of the product you want to sell.

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