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for Spain and Portugal

Sell more,
we’ll handle the logistics

If you have an ecommerce business or are an Amazon Seller and want to start selling in Spain and Portugal, our logistics warehouse will be the best solution for your business.

📝 Tailor-made quotation according to company’s needs

🌍 Distribution of products to European Union countries

💻 Proprietary software

📲 Personalized response in less than 24 Hours

💶 Cash on delivery service

👩‍💻 After-sales customer service

📦 Cost of package 1 Kg - 48/72 Hrs.





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A Valencian company transforms the logistics sector

The Valencian company revolutionising the world of online sales

Beeping Fulfilment, the Valencian startup leader in ecommerce logistics

Improve ecommerce logistics with Beeping Fulfilment

Did you know that Europe is leading ecommerce growth after the 2020 pandemic?

As confirmed by EcommerceNews, the creation of ecommerce businesses in Europe has grown 126.8%, which is the largest number worldwide.

In this context, an article on the Statista site confirms that Portugal revenue in the Ecommerce Market is projected to reach €3.000 millions this year.

Likewise, Spain is within the European Top 5 as one of the countries with the highest traffic share, as reported by the Marketing4Ecommerce portal.

That’s why you can’t miss out on such an opportunity. We will make our own software available to you, one of the most powerful on the market, so that you can take control of your business without the need to leave your home or office, in absolute comfort.

We adapt to your sales model

We offer different options to suit your business needs.

Package customization

Customize your orders by adding personalized brochures or discounts.

We store large products

Our warehouse is equipped for products of all sizes.


Up-to-date control
of stock

Control your warehouse stock in an updated way from your virtual private area.

on delivery

Cash on delivery available


Personalise your boxes by inserting personalised "thank you" leaflets or discounts.

Warehouse for
large products

We store your products of all sizes to sell in your household shop.


Control your
own stock

You will be able to control the stock in your virtual warehouse to see how many units you have of each product.

Cash on delivery available

You will have at your disposal the possibility to offer cash on delivery to your customers.

Handling of fragile orders

We treat your most fragile products with special care so that they arrive in perfect condition.

Wide variety of products

You'll be able to store the different products of your catalog in our facilities, even the larger ones.

Cash on delivery available

You will have at your disposal the possibility to offer cash on delivery to your customers.

In an increasingly computerized world, our most important asset is our human value

Atención personalizada
Atención personalizada

At Beeping we will be at your disposal to advise you and provide you with the best opportunities for your business.

It’s not just about selling, it’s also about respect, trust, and commitment.

We will put on your company’s shirt and be the perfect partner for you to grow your business without worrying about the logistics of your products.

Therefore, there will always be a realperson you can talk to resolve your doubts.

We will guide you through the whole process of your ecommerce transformation and your integration into the European market.

All its team at your disposal

David Costarrosa

David Costarrosa


Eduardo Morant

Edu Morant


Jose Tormo

Jose Tormo


Tomás Piccolo

Sales Director

Eduardo De La Calle

Eduardo De La Calle

Onboarding Executive


Jorge Benítez

Responsable del Dpto. de Entradas


Carlos Montoya

Responsable del Dpto. de Salidas

Mónica García

Responsable de Calidad y Procesos

Lucía Serra

Lucía Serra

Departamento de contabilidad

Paula Guillot

Paula Guillot

Marketing Department

Emiliano Aguirre

Emiliano Aguirre


We don't just offer services, we offer solutions for your business


Packages per day


Packages delivered


Cost savings


Customer satisfaction

Did you know that we are the only fulfillment company in the market which offers the ability to launch cash-on-delivery ecommerce?

Pago Contra Reembolso

Cash on delivery is one of the most profitable business models in Europe and, mainly, in Spain and Portugal.

One of its greatest advantages is that it will allow you to reach many customers who are still outside the digital world.

In addition, paying in cash upon receipt of the product will give them greater security and increase the reputation of your brand.

Not only will you be able to store your products with us, but we will also take care of the logistics and returns generated in your store.

Pago Contra Reembolso

How does our COD service work?

Do you want to set up your Amazon store?
Already selling on Amazon and want to expand your business to Europe?

Amazon Seller
Amazon Seller

With Beeping you can focus all your energy on sales.

Our service to Amazon Sellers includes:

  • Receipt and storage of your goods in our warehouses
  • Preparing and labeling your orders for Amazon FBA
  • Merchandise insurance

Thanks to this excellent service, you can save money on warehousing and not have to worry about logistics management.

With Beeping you can focus all your energy on sales.

Our service to Amazon Sellers includes:

  • Receipt and storage of your goods in our warehouses
  • Preparing and labeling your orders for Amazon FBA
  • Merchandise insurance

Thanks to this excellent service, you can save money on warehousing and not have to worry about logistics management.

If you want to know more, press play and find out how we can help you save.

How will we ship your packages?

We ship with the best service and the most optimal rates

Thanks to our exclusive agreement with Correos Express, we can deliver your packages in Spain and Portugal in 24/48 hours.

Through our software, you will be able to track all your orders online.

Why is it better to use Correos Express via Beeping?

Working with Beeping will be a significant competitive advantage when it comes to providing the customer with an effective solution regarding the logistical process of their parcel.

Beeping rates vs. Correos Express rates

When we talk about competitive advantages, one of the most crucial factors is the price. That’s why we’ll list our shipping rates here so that you can see the difference for yourself.

Spain (Peninsula)
KilogramsCorreos ExpressBeepingSAVINGS with Beeping
18.06 €3.50 €4.56 €
28.25 €3.50 €4.75 €
38.64 €4.20 €4.44 €
49.04 €4.40 €4.64 €
511.88 €4.60 €4.68 €
611.88 €4.60 €7.28 €
711.88 €4.60 €7.28 €
811.88 €5.15 €6.73 €
911.88 €5.40 €6.48 €
1011.88 €5.60 €6.28 €
Balearic Islands
KilogramsCorreos ExpressBeepingSAVINGS with Beeping
111.00 €5.75 €5.25 €
216.03 €6.60 €9.43 €
320.57 €7.00 €13.57 €
425.13 €7.50 €17.63 €
529.68 €7.90 €21.78 €
652.81 €13.00 €39.81 €
752.81 €13.00 €39.81 €
852.81 €13.00 €39.81 €
952.81 €13.00 €39.81 €
1052.81 €13.00 €39.81 €
KilogramsCorreos ExpressBeepingSAVINGS with Beeping
19.86 €4.20 €5.66 €
210.27 €4.40 €5.87 €
310.67 €4.50 €6.17 €
411.09 €4.70 €6.39 €
511.37 €4.70 €6.67 €
614.06 €4.80 €9.26 €
714.06 €4.80 €9.26 €
814.06 €5.10 €8.96 €
914.06 €5.40 €8.66 €
1014.06 €5.60 €8.46 €

To give you a better idea, here is a table using as a reference a package weighing 3kg, measuring 30cm x 25cm x 24cm, shipping from Valencia to Madrid.

Package weighing 3kg and measuring 10cm x 10cm x 10cmBEEPINGCORREOS EXPRESS
Shipping cost4.20€8.64€
Delivery time24/48 hours24/48 hours
Can you track the package?Yes, with the tracking number on the Beeping SoftwareYes, by entering the tracking number in the Correos Express portal
Customer service for issuesPersonalizedGeneral
Returns ManagementYou can open a ticket from the Beeping software and request that the case be analyzed so that Correos can pick up the package at the customer's address.Customer has to go to the Correos post office

One of the most important benefits of using the Beeping service, is that you will be able to manage incidents directly with our team on an individual basis.

Also, unlike working with Correos where you have to bear the cost and time of putting each order together, you will save time and money as we take care of making the package and printing the label for the shipments for you.

We are dedicated to offering the best solutions so that your customers feel safe and protected from any problems that may arise during the logistics process of their parcel.

This is how our logistics system works

We receive your product

We take care of receiving the products you buy.

We store
your stock

We store your products in our warehouse.

We prepare
the package

We do the picking and packing when you receive an order.

We ship the order
to the final customer

We carry out daily shipments of your customers' orders.

We take care
of returns

We take care of the necessary arrangements in case of return.

Discover your perfect ally: Beeping Software

Don’t waste time and money trying to connect to expensive and unproductive applications.

We have updated all our software, transforming it into the perfect solution for your business.

You will be able to access it from anywhere in the world and know the status of your orders in real-time

· Integration with Shopify
· Completely revamped and user-friendly interface
· Know the status of your orders in real time
· Provides the customer with an online tracking number
· Create customized packs and sell several products in one order
· Manage and visualize your returns

A first-rate European structure at your disposal

Since 2019, Beeping has become one of the largest ecommerce logistics companies in Spain.

We currently have 2000 m² of facilities and all the human resources to help you transform your business into a market leader throughout Spain and Portugal.


We offer our Cash on Delivery service all over Spain and Portugal (excluding: Madeira and Azore Islands).

Yes, we do! This is what our CS service includes:

  • Geolocate customers’ addresses to verify them and increase the probability of order delivery.
  • Contact customers who have placed double orders or orders of more than one product to verify that it is correct.
  • Contact the customer in case of a possible wrong or incomplete address to proceed to ship correctly.
  • For this latter option we try 1 and 2 days of contact via WhatsApp and Calls. If we do not get an answer from the customer, we send an ultimatum. If they do not answer we consider the order lost on the 3rd day.
  • Manage the store email for possible canceled orders, doubts, and questions from customers.
  • Solve incidents of the shipping company including refusals, absence, etc.
  • Manage Social Networks (comments on ads + private messages).
  • Contact Abandoned Carts (this is optional as it takes extra time).

We don’t offer a printing service for custom packaging. Nevertheless, if the customer requests custom packaging, they can send us their unique packaging so we can add them to their orders.

This is called a refused order. When it happens, the product is shipped back to Beeping. Then, we will check that the product is in good condition and put it back in stock.

No, we do not manage any kind of importation processes. Beeping manages the goods when we receive them in our warehouse. Of course, we can unload the merchandise from a container.

Of course! Beeping has customers all over the world. For transfers, we just need the addressee’s information, the bank account number, and a SWIFT/BIC code. Easy!

No, there is not! Nevertheless, we do need a minimum of 300 orders a month to be able to work together. Take into account that Beeping offers high-tech software to manage the orders. Furthermore, we charge per order prepared, without a monthly subscription.

Ready to take your ecommerce store to the next level in Spain and Portugal?

If you want to know more about Beeping or if you have any questions, you can contact us through the contact form.