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“Limits exist only in the mind.”

This phrase may sound trite, but it reflects exactly the reason why most people cannot get out of their “sphere of influence”.

In short, they cannot see beyond the obvious.

But if there is one thing that the Internet has brought about since its global irruption in the 1990s, it is the removal of limits.

Above all, to put the subject on the table. Precisely, to make it evident.

Today you can start your business in Malaga and have your logistics warehouse in Asturias, or in Zaragoza.

The same is true if you live in Madrid.

And, of course, Amazon is a great example.

According to Marketing4ecommerce, the American giant has more than 30 logistics centers distributed throughout Spain.

Although some of them are located in urban zones, most of them are outside densely populated areas.

This is done to optimize time and costs.

For all these reasons, in this article we will show you why searching for fulfillment services for an ecommerce business in Madrid using the “near me” option on Google can be a real double-edged sword.

It’s time to rid yourself of limitations and dive into the depths and great opportunities that lie beyond the Spanish capital.

Demystifying Physical Proximity: The Power of Modern Logistics

Following the example of Amazon, there is something you need to understand.

To be successful in an ecommerce or internet business, you have to offer the best possible logistics service to your customers.

However, this does not have to be tied to the city you work from.

Amazon, through its Prime service, is the best example of this and has raised the bar for everyone.

That is why at Beeping we have decided to go a step further and offer not only an efficient fulfillment service with delivery in 24/48h throughout Spain, but also customer support that sets us apart.

For your business, whether in Madrid or anywhere in Spain, but above all for your customers.

Beeping has partnered with the power of Correos Express to streamline and improve the distribution of your merchandise throughout the country.

As a result, we guarantee fast and safe delivery by using the leading company in nationwide distribution.

Case Study: Manuel's Company

In relation to the previous point, we are going to show you a case study of one of our customers.

Manuel lives in Madrid and, for the last 5 months, has been running his jewelry ecommerce business through the Cash on delivery service offered by Beeping.

He himself, from the comfort of his own home, is in charge of keeping the store running and uses Facebook Ads to boost the marketing of his products.

Beeping, in Valencia, is in charge of carrying out all the fulfillment services relating to his products and delivering them to any point of the peninsula in just 24/48h.

What has this meant for Manuel?

First of all, it means not having to store his merchandise in his home, taking up valuable living space.

In addition, he doesn’t have to worry about incidents, exchanges and returns and the logistical problems of distributing his products, since all that is in Beeping’s hands.

As a result, Manuel has more time to focus his energies on growing his business.

Has he succeeded?

Thanks to the combination of his ability to manage and develop his ecommerce business and the power of Beeping’s logistics and fulfillment service, his store has an average of almost 10 orders per day and an average profit of between 10€ and 12€ per sale.

And all this while working from home and with his products distributed from Valencia.

Benefits of Logistics Flexibility

According to Mecalux, logistics flexibility “consists of a company’s ability to adapt warehouse processes without altering performance”.

This, logically, is related to the elasticity that a fulfillment company can offer to adapt to the needs of each customer… wherever they are.

At Beeping we are pioneers in the ecommerce-focused logistics world, and that is why for us elasticity and flexibility are common currency.

Without these key factors, and given the constant fluctuations and changes in the digital landscape, it would be impossible to provide a service with the quality demanded by the market.

What is the advantage of this flexibility?

  • Better resource management: When we talk about resource management, we are referring to the process from the moment your product arrives at our warehouse until it is shipped to your customer.
  • Improved efficiency: This is a key aspect within the logistics process, and it is precisely here where Beeping sets itself apart in the market, using its own software.
  • Reduced costs: This trifecta is complete with the reduction of costs thanks to the implementation of a good picking service complemented with the reliability of Correos Express, providing complete traceability from the moment the product leaves our warehouse until it is delivered to the customer.

An opportunity outside Madrid

It is normal to believe that there is no better place than Madrid to fill the gap in your fulfillment needs.

However, we are going to dispel this myth and show you, in the following comparison chart, why it is better to rely on a fulfillment service outside the Spanish capital.




Tailored quotation

Distribution of products to Spain and Portugal

Proprietary software

Personalized response in less than 24 Hours

Cash on delivery service

After-sales customer service

Cost of 1kg package - 48/72H.




After consulting this table you will see that with Beeping your customers will not only receive their package just as quickly as if you send it from Madrid, but you will also have at your disposal our cash on delivery and after-sales service which, without a doubt, will make a substantial difference when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Key Technologies in Remote Fulfillment

One of the main pillars of the success of remote work is technology.

The Internet has changed all work dynamics in recent years, becoming the most important player and a key factor for the development of a business.

Buoyed by this fact, Beeping has developed its own management software, which allows you to grow your business from Madrid, to all Spain.

For example, you can track not only the stock of your products, but also each of your customers’ packages in real time.

How can you do it?

From the “Orders” section of the Beeping software, you will have a list of all your store’s orders so you can know the exact status of each one of them.

By clicking on one of them you can access all the detailed information.

Also, in the “Products” section you will have access to the total stock, available, reserved and incoming stock of your different products.

Importantly, our software integrates seamlessly with Shopify, offering you the ability to monitor your inventory no matter where you are.

In addition, our team will handle your products in our warehouses making sure they are immediately available for your convenience.

Reverse Logistics Management

One of the most important points when working with a fulfillment company like Beeping is how reverse logistics is handled.

Although we have gone over it in detail and that is why we recommend you also read this article, we will summarize the most important points here.

First of all, reverse logistics is the process through which a customer can return a product purchased from an online business.

The process works as follows:

1. 🛒 A customer buys a product from your store, but upon receiving it, it is damaged or they are not happy with it.

2. 💬 From there, they contact your customer service where they are informed of the steps to follow to return the item.

3. 📝 To do this, they must fill out a form indicating the reason for the return and proceed to send the product by registered mail.

4. 📦 Once the product is received at Beeping’s warehouse, our specialized staff proceeds to review the contents in order to verify if there are options to solve the problem.

5. 💸 After the evaluation, we proceed to refund the money according to the data given in the return form.

Thanks to this service, the products do not need to be returned to your home, since Beeping handles the whole returns process and subsequent replenishment of the product to stock.

This will optimize and considerably reduce internal logistics costs.

Below, we provide a guide so you can see how the process works.

Factores como el título, precio, disponibilidad, valoración del usuario e historial de ventas ayudan a determinar dónde aparece el producto en los resultados de búsqueda del cliente. Si proporciona información pertinente y completa para su producto, podrá incrementar la visibilidad y las ventas.”


Thanks to technology, experience and human resources, Beeping can be a fundamental ally for the growth of your business.

Even if you are located in Madrid, you can manage all your inventory from anywhere thanks to our exclusive software.

In addition, you will have a direct line to our support team to answer any questions you might have.

With the support of a service such as Correos Express, Beeping’s strategic partner, the products will reach customers in just 24/48h with a comprehensive online tracking system.

In short, and as we stated at the beginning of the article, the limits only exist in our mind.

It’s just a matter of looking beyond them to make the most of the opportunities presented by the vast ocean of the Internet.


How can a fulfillment company compensate for the lack of a warehouse in Madrid?

The best way to do this is through the use of technology, such as proprietary software, that can offer an active solution to a customer based in Madrid.

In addition, strategic partners can carry forward the logistics quickly and efficiently, adapting their service to the demand that the market and customers are currently requesting.

What technologies are essential for the success of remote fulfillment?

As mentioned above, fulfillment software will be the main point of contact between the customer and the fulfillment company on a daily basis.

It is critical for the software to have the necessary information to meet the needs of the company and the customers, such as online inventory management, tracking information and status of each shipment.

How does warehouse location affect shipping costs and delivery times?

As we have explained in this section, shipping costs and delivery times are very similar whether your fulfillment company is located in Madrid or with Beeping in Valencia.

However, Beeping offers additional services that will be a bonus when it comes to achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

What strategies can be used to improve reverse logistics without a warehouse in Madrid?

Engaging a service like Beeping will allow you to solve one of the most common inconveniences that companies that sell products online encounter.

We have a reverse logistics service that will easily adapt to your business.

“Mucha gente suele enamorarse de un producto creyendo que es perfecto, pero lo realmente importante es que cumpla con una cierta cantidad de requisitos y responda a la mayor cantidad de preguntas de la checklist para que valga la pena invertir en él”  

How can a fulfillment company without a warehouse in Madrid stay competitive and satisfy customers in this market?

First of all, by offering a service that adapts to the needs of each client. Providing experience and knowledge in the sector and using technology as an ally and link between one place and another. Finally, supported by strategic partners that provide efficiency and speed in the delivery of packages.

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