4 Dropshipping Stores for Inspiration: Boost Your Game

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Dropshipping Examples
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According to Statista, the dropshipping business will exceed 300 billion dollars in turnover in 2024.

What’s more, that same study predicts that in just two years it will grow by 50% more.

In other words, it is estimated that dropshipping will exceed 450 billion dollars in turnover by 2026.

Now, what can we learn from the big sites and leaders in this type of business in Spain and around the world?

We will show you 6 of the best dropshipping stores so you can review their marketing strategies and suppliers and how they use digital marketing resources to their benefit.

🛒 Lovilion

Lovilion is a Spanish fashion jewelry brand that has been able to fully exploit the power of this niche to expand into markets with a lot of potential but very little competition, such as Bulgaria, Poland and Slovenia.

Among its main items, we can highlight bracelets, necklaces and watches.

In addition, all their products include a personalized card with a special message addressed to a mother, granddaughter, daughter, grandmother, etc, which provides added value to the gift.

Product cost

Let’s take as an example the 2-in-1 Necklace “For my Girlfriend” and its listing on the Aliexpress portal.

Product on dropshipping store: Collar 2 en 1 “Para mi Novia”

Product on Aliexpress:

Colgante magnético plegable

Marketing strategy

Their marketing strategy is focused on using Facebook Ads as a primary source of traffic to their website.

This particular brand has several separate “micro websites” with subdomains where each represents a different language.

Slovenian language advertisements

Website: si.lovilion.com

Bulgarian language ads

Website: bg.lovilion.com

Polish language Ads

Website: pl.lovilion.com

Store Policies

Lovilion has a section at the bottom where you can access all their policies as well as right of withdrawal, product complaints and warranty replacement.


Lovilion has been able to complement the power of country segmentation that Facebook Ads provides and applied it to dropshipping to create a scalable business on a horizontal level using the very profitable niche of costume jewelry.

🛒 SoftySound

SoftySound is a “One Product” dropshipping store.

The interesting part of this type of store is that they focus their entire marketing strategy on a single winning product.

In addition, to generate greater customer confidence, the store has several videos with testimonials as well as the different ways to use the product.

Product Cost

Product on dropshipping store:

SoftySound – Auriculares para dormir

Marketing Strategy

As with most of these types of single-product stores, their marketing strategy is centered on video advertising through Facebook Ads.

Store Policies

The store includes a section in the footer where you can see the respective links to their policies and also the cookie confirmation.

Within the Frequently Asked Questions, the shipping time is included, which is between 10 and 12 working days.

This is typically the period a product takes to travel from China to Europe.


SoftySound is an excellent example of how you can set up a dropshipping business in Spain using a single winning product thanks to a good marketing strategy through videos and customer reviews and a simple store that conveys a sense of security to the user.

🛒 Ortigia Joyas

Ortigia Joyas is a cash-on-delivery style dropshipping store. This type of store has two very important advantages over traditional dropshipping stores: shipping time and payment method.

While from SoftySound the delivery of the product will take approximately 20 days from the date of purchase, cash-on-delivery stores such as Ortigia offer a delivery time of only 24h/72h.

This difference, added to the fact that the customer pays for the product only once it has been received at their home, makes this one of the most attractive options available today.

Product Cost

Marketing strategy

The store has several active Facebook Ads campaigns related to this product pack.

Store Policies

The section at the bottom of the store has all the pages corresponding to the refund policy, privacy and legal notice.


Ortigia Joyas leverages the possibilities offered by the combination of two niches (jewelry and religion), added to the advantages of cash-on-delivery dropshipping with shipping in 24h/72h and payment on delivery.

🛒 Groove Bags

Groove Bags is a family business that started as a small project in Vancouver, Washington.

The company is characterized by the sale of sneakers, flip flops and beach accessories with a unique and personalized style that has led them to exceed 80,000 followers on Instagram.

Their business focuses on creating customized products through dropshipping with a Print on Demand system.

Product Cost

Product on dropshipping print on demand store: 


Product from print on demand distributor:

Men’s Classic Canvas Slip-On Shoes

Marketing strategy

Groove Bags has several active ads on Facebook Ads offering the BOGO (Buy One Get One) coupon. A very tempting offer to increase the CTR of the ad where you pay for 1 product and you get 2.

In addition, the company has a loyal audience that feeds its organic traffic thanks to its track record and brand positioning over its years of operation.

Store Policies

Within the legal aspects and taking into account that its flagship product is footwear, Groove Bags offers a return or exchange only in certain cases.

In addition, in its same policy, the company clarifies that it can modify the conditions “at its discretion”.


Groove Bags is a concrete example of the power of dropshipping combined with the growing Print on Demand business model.

The possibility of working without stock and creating customized products is only possible through this type of supplier, which offers a wide product catalog to play with the design and make customers’ wild creations a reality.

Success starts with dropshipping

Throughout this article, we have looked at different examples of stores that are currently dedicated to dropshipping.

However, it is also interesting to know how far you can scale your business and how we can help you to achieve it.

At this point, it is worth discussing how companies like Gymshark or Allbirds have been able to cross the dropshipping threshold to become brands in their own right.

Their long-term vision and their USP have been two fundamental pillars to understanding the process of their evolution as a brand.

Citing the case of Allbirds, although historically it started as a dropshipping Shopify store, its creator Tim Brown recognizes that having partnered with Zoey Zwillinger, an engineer expert in renewable products, allowed the brand to make a leap in quality thanks to the creation of a revolutionary fabric for footwear based on renewable materials.

Today Allbirds is one of the leading brands in the sector thanks to the fact that its products have a simple design, are focused on comfort and are made with materials developed with sustainability and care for the environment in mind.

Next, we will delve not only into what Allbirds has achieved but also into another brand that started out dropshipping and today is a leader in fitness products: Gymshark.

🛒 Gymshark

Is it possible for a company that started as a dropshipping project to become a leader in the world of sportswear in just over 10 years?

Ben Francis created Gymshark in 2012 as a project to sell sports supplements over the internet.

By 2013, the young Englishman, who was 20 years old at the time, decided to add sports apparel to his catalog.

According to him, he had to start his business by dropshipping because he did not have the capital to invest in merchandise.

His website from 2013 offers a very interesting visual for that time offering a clean front page but with the typical photos offered by any Chinese distributor.

Over the years, Gymshark has become a true benchmark in the world of sportswear, not only in the United Kingdom but also in countries such as the United States and throughout Western Europe.

Its success story has caught the attention of Forbes, which has dedicated an extensive article to it on its website.

Product cost

Although Gymshark has its own factory, we can make a comparison with a similar product.

Product in Gymshark store:


Similar product on Aliexpress:

Pantalones moldeadores

Marketing strategy

The brand has a strong presence on social media, working with influencers such as Lex Griffin and Nikki Blackketter.

In addition, their Instagram account has almost 7 million followers and their TikTok is not far behind with 5.4 million.

Thanks to his experience in Dropshipping, Ben Francis knows the full potential of Facebook Ads and that is why his brand also has several ads on the platform.

Store Policies

Within the typical legal aspects, we can highlight that Gymshark has a page specially dedicated to the product return process called “Happy Returns”.


Gymshark is an example of how a dropshipping business can be transformed into a world-class private label brand.

It also makes it clear that with a well-defined strategy, we can use dropshipping to start a store with virtually no budget.

🛒 Allbirds

“Light on your feet. Easy on the planet”

That’s the slogan of Allbirds, one of the world’s leading online clothing and footwear stores.

Thanks to its awareness of the use of reusable and recyclable materials and care for the planet, this company from New Zealand began by offering dropshipping products and captivated an audience of all ages.

In order to strengthen the relationship with the consumer, Allbirds has created a section specially dedicated to listing their goals regarding the care of their materials and a full report detailing what has happened with each of them and how that impact has been beneficial to everyone.

The growth of the brand has allowed it not only to establish itself as a standard bearer in the online world but also from the physical stores, as it has more than 20 stores across the globe.

Product cost

Product on the Allbirds website:

Men’s Tree Runners

Similar product on Aliexpress:

Zapatillas de deporte informales

Marketing strategy

Like any ecommerce giant, its marketing strategy involves a strong social media presence and advertising through Facebook Ads to organic traffic, reaching almost 500,000 visits per month.

Store Policies

Its legal aspects include a very interesting story about how the brand works, a section dedicated to product exchange and returns depending on where you are.


Allbirds is another example of how dropshipping coupled with a differentiating idea, such as environmental care, can transform a simple Shopify store into a million-dollar and stable business for years.

Final Conclusion

In this article, we have seen 6 examples of how the power of dropshipping can completely transform lives.

Six completely different stories started from six different points of the planet.

We have gone through the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and New Zealand to tell the stories of ordinary people like you who have been able to develop an Internet business by leveraging the benefits of dropshipping as a foundation stone and initial engine.

Some of these companies, such as Gymshark or Allbirds have become real leaders in their sector.

SoftySound has been able to maximize the profitability of a single product while Ortigia and Lovillion have taken advantage of very powerful niches like fashion jewelry to create an opportunity in the world of personalization.

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